Domain Expertise


Azure Software Pvt. ltd has 10+ years of experience in working with more than 15 DRDO Labs in all over India.

Main working areas for DRDO Labs are:

  • Device Driver
  • Storage, Network & file system protocol
  • Data Acquisition & Analysis
  • Real time data capture
  • Simulation software


Azure Software development team has 7+ years of experience in health and Pharma sector; we develop modern and robust web and mobile apps for patients and doctors after understanding their pharmaceutical software development needs.

Azure software worked for:

  • IIT Kgp

Main working areas for Health domain:

  • IOT
  • Smart Applications
  • ERP Development


Azure Software has expertise in development of platform that can automate the processing of financing documents in banks and corporations, using advanced learning techniques. This kind of platform aims to change the modalities of existing model.

Azure Software have the following skill set in FinTech domain, which may be useful for Banks and Financial Institutions.

  • Automation of Finance document processing. More efficient, accurate and controlled validation of Finance documents, allowing for faster and easier processing
  • Document image pre-processing
  • Text extraction from input documents using OCR engine
  • ML based auto spell correction
  • Storing extracted data from input documents in a structured format
  • Digital documents to check from library of tens of thousands of global and regional finance regulations and rules.
  • Compliance with all market regulations across the globe
  • Data analytics
  • ML based auto recognition of non-standard financial documents
  • Dashboard for different type of users
  • Solutions may be Cloud based as well as on premise solution