“BONDHUCOM” stands for “Computer As A Friend” The Aim is to ake Computer for all. People, who are having the CRT TV sets, also can use this. Age is no bar for usage of this computer. Student can use it for Learning. Youth can use it for Earning. User also can use it as a device of Pleasing.

Main Utilities are:

  • Low priced Computer
  • Computer for All
  • Computer for Rural area
  • Computer to support the useful work
  • Computer for Primary level student
  • Computer for Secondary level student
  • Computer to train the Rural Youth
  • Computer as a earning device for rural youth


HeartThrob, a multi-factor medical measurement instrument, records and stores medical data for future use and transmits over an appropriate transmission medium (computer, internet or cell phones) as and when required

  • 3-Lead Electrocardiogram
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Phono-Cardiogram
  • Pulse Rate

Main Features are:

  • Multi-factor Medical Measurement
  • Low Cost
  • Portable – Can communicate with hand held devices
  • Digital Data – Can be transmitted over wired or wireless connection
  • Data Storage – Data can be downloaded to portable storage devices (USB, Flashcard)
  • Connectivity – Data can be transmitted over a phone line or wireless connection


A rule-based Expert System (a knowledge-driven DSS)
A Rule Based Expert System gives its users access to a variety of data sources, modeling techniques, and stored domain knowledge via an easy to use GUI.
Gautama – a rule based Expert System can be used for inference of observed data, either online or in offline mode. The Tool can be run stand-alone, or can be seamlessly integrated with the complete tool-chain.

Gautama – a rule-based Expert System has essentially two components

  • Gautama-Executive interfaces to Data stores which contain real world process data and runs expert system inference engine. Rule Books and Display Screens are packaged from Rule Designer Suite.
  • Gautama-Rule Designer Suite facilitates domain experts create Rule Books and graphical Display Screens for results. The Rule Books and Display Screens can then be packaged as deployable applications to be executed in Gautama-Executive.

SefT_Vault: Windows Based Data Encryption Software:

Administrative Users will be able to designate a part of the hard-drive as a ‘Secure vault’. Any files (text, doc, pdf, image files and other data files in any format) that are placed in this vault are encrypted with a user given password. The rest of the drive operates normally. The encrypted vault appears as a separate drive to the Windows OS, so the user can use Drag-and-drop, edit, copy, delete and perform other operations from Windows Explorer. Whenever the use of this vault is over, users can un-mount the protected vault. The drive is no longer accessible to the OS. If the drive is lost, data in the protected vault will remain secure, as the protected vault cannot be accessed without the password. File names are also hidden to unauthorized users.

SysLog Server: Internet Usage Tracking Software:

Administrative Users will be able to start and stop internet usage tracking. Once started, the application will run as a background process. Periodically, it will check for last visited sites by users in the network. Browsing history will be recorded in a file indicated by the administrator. A sub-set of users can also be selected for tracking. It is possible to sort and view the browsing record per user. The software works with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.